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Reporting Channel

Here at Adeste, we do not compromise on what is correct and ethical. Therefore, we officially have the Adeste Reporting Channel

It operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reports can be made anonymously and are received by an external, specialized and independent partner.

These are the types of situations that can be reported on the channel:

Failure to comply with Code of Conduct of Adeste;

Practices that do not comply with the laws, norms, regulations and policies of Adeste;

Actions that characterize misconduct;

Conflict of interests;

Fraud, corruption and bribery;

Moral and sexual harassment.

If you have witnessed any situation or are aware of any misconduct or violation of our Code of Conduct or policies, report it to the following channels:

We count on you to make Adeste a safer and more ethical place!