We see future in food

Since its foundation, Adeste has been building its history by combining vision and creativity, generating valuable benefits from secondary raw materials. With this innovative look, the business started in 1952, through the development of solutions for the food industry, with the Kraki company.

Over 60 years later, consolidation and expansion in the segment occurred naturally, always preserving the same values and transformation bias. Today, three of our sites are responsible for producing substances such as stabilizing and sweetening blends, natural colors, thickeners, and flavor and texture solutions.
Learn a little more about each of them:


Company that originated the group, specializing in the marketing of natural casings, Kraki participated in the evolution of the food processing market. In addition to the production of high quality wrappers, we subsequently launched the Hungarian Powder, which still meets the conservation and color stability needs of cooked and fresh sausages such as bologna, salami, etc. Having been one of the first companies in the market to build a pilot plant and develop a complete line of additives, today we continue to produce additives and other high added value ingredients, mainly for meat and dairy processed products, as well as ice cream and açaí, bakery, plant-based products and fruit solutions, tailored to meet market demands.

Envoltórios Naturais

Natural Casings

Beginning in the 1950s, the Tatuí site produces beef and hog casings for the domestic and foreign markets. Our growth was due to the development of proprietary and innovative technology in the processing of its raw material. In 1970, we assumed the leading position in Brazil and then moved on to become one of the leading names in the production of natural beef casings. Today, we remain the largest wrapping company in Latin America. To ensure a product of exceptional uniformity, we have developed a vertical structure, achieving excellence in the collection, manufacture and transportation of the product.


Verto joined Adeste in 2003. It is the unit for extraction of Annato, in Rondônia, which supplies, in addition to seeds for the region, the color used in solutions made at Kraki. On a model farm, part of the seeds are sown and handled with the utmost care to ensure their quality in the supply chain. Another part is also purchased from farmers in the region, also supporting subsistence agriculture.