An innovative idea in the health area occurs when a creative vision identifies an opportunity in something common to the eyes.

Over the years, Adeste has transformed natural by-products into large businesses, creating value for the planet, employees, customers and the communities in which it operates. This concern for well-being began in the food sector and expanded to health in the group’s first decade.

Today, our three healthcare companies are market benchmarks in the production and marketing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, suture threads and fetal bovine serum.
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Sodium Heparin and Chondroitin Sulphate

Our Jaguapitã site is engaged in the production and marketing of pharmaceutical active ingredients of bovine and porcine origin, focusing on the production of Sodium Heparin (anticoagulant) and Chondroitin Sulfate (cartilage replenisher). Brazil has the largest cattle herd in the world and the 8th porcine one, which gives us ample access to raw material, which is acquired exclusively from slaughterhouses inspected by the Federal Inspection Service of the Ministry of Agriculture (SIF, in Portuguese), which reinforces the safety and quality guarantee of our products, all 100% traceable. We are annually inspected by Anvisa and have the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification. Through the most diverse controls and qualified personnel, we offer the best products to the market.

Catgut – Fios de sutura

Catgut – Suture threads

One of the largest companies in the world in the Catgut segment, our Araçatuba site offers suture threads with greater uniformity and strength. Its foundation dates back to 1974, when we started producing sutures and tennis racket threads, with a partner from a French company. In 1996, we decided to specialize in the production of absorbable suture threads, being aware of the importance of suture quality in the success of the surgical procedure. We work strongly in developing partnerships with customers to meet demand with excellence. Today, with over 35 years of experience in the market, we are world leaders in the segment, exporting to all continents simple and chrome catgut threads.

Fetal Serum

Founded in 1986, we are Latin America’s largest producer of high quality fetal bovine serum, which is used as a cell culture medium for vaccine production and scientific research, and is in high demand at universities and research institutes. All this production happens at our site in Campo Grande. The improvement of internal processes and quality management system ensure the satisfaction of our customers, employees, suppliers and regulatory agents.