Nintx and Adeste partner to develop multi-target therapies using raw materials from the Amazon

The partnership is leveraged by a flagship project that has the potential to treat a multifactorial disease (multi-target therapy)


São Paulo, September 2021 – Brazil has an unparalleled biological diversity and much of it is concentrated in the Amazon. The potential for generating value from biodiversity is enormous but remains largely untapped. It is necessary to develop economic alternatives for the region that state the obvious; that the forest is much more valuable standing than devastated. In this sense, Nintx (Next Innovative Therapeutics) and Adeste are celebrating a partnership to develop novel therapies for multifactorial diseases (multi-target therapies) and the first project is based on promising compounds existent in a raw material from the Amazon.


Plants and microorganisms synthesize secondary metabolites (natural products) to survive. As humans share genes with all living organisms, natural products can modulate biological targets in our genome. Recent scientific evidence clearly demonstrates that natural products, specially derived from plants, are the most important factor contributing to the modulation of the human microbiome. Hence, plant-based natural products bear huge potential to serve as a superb platform to modulate human biological targets and microbiome concomitantly, affording multi-target therapies.


“Over the years, Adeste has transformed natural products into successful businesses. Adeste has access to biodiversity arrangements as well as deep knowledge in extraction technologies and industrial capabilities. We needed a partner like Nintx, with solid experience in early stage, to guide us to the development stage”, said Marcus Kienast, CEO, Adeste. “We view the partnership with Adeste as strategic due to their capacity to manufacture ingredients from natural sources using the industry’s highest standards. Adeste will perfectly complement Nintx’s know-how in building Scientific/Regulatory/IP strategies for a pipeline of innovative projects. We look forward to working together with Adeste to jointly develop multi-target therapies”, stated Dr. Miller Freitas, CEO, Nintx.


About Adeste. With over 1,200 employees and business relationships in more than 40 countries, Adeste promotes the progress of the food, human health, and animal nutrition sectors through technology and innovation, generating value for the planet, employees, customers and the communities in which it operates.


About Nintx. Originated in Brazil to translate complex biological interactions (plants and microorganisms) into novel therapies, Nintx believes that many unmet medical needs are multifactorial, requiring both the modulation of biological targets and the human microbiome, involved in important physiological processes and the genesis of many pathologies.


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